Copy editors, the unsung heroes. (Just Two Weeks has been copy edited)

I’ve just had my novel ‘copy editingJust Two Weeks’ copy edited. ‘Oh thanks,’ I said as I handed over the full manuscript. ‘But there won’t be many errors. I must have read it 100 times and I know it so well I probably could recite it all by heart.’ (joke). But no, the copy editor found sentences which would benefit from a changed word. She found missing dialogue marks and commas. There were double spaces which she dutifully deleted. Now there is not one mistake. I reckon copy editors are the unsung heroes of all writing. Where would we be without them?

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  1. Thanks! I’m a copy editor too and while I appreciate how loved your work is, and how many hours, how much sweat, blood and toil is ingrained into each page… it’s very very easy not to notice things because you’re too close to your book, and you can’t read it the same way someone entirely new to it can. I copy edit academic books so I imagine there are many different skills that go into fiction copy editing (I also envy them not having to deal with references!) but it is still lovely to hear when our work is appreciated! Good luck with your novel 🙂


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