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First review of my ‘not yet published’ psychological thriller JUST TWO WEEKS

Great new review for my psychological thriller: JUST TWO WEEKS

ImageKate Rhodes author of Alice Quentin series,  wrote  of Just Two Weeks: ‘Amanda Sington- Williams writes beautifully. Her deftly crafted psychological novel Just Two Weeks shows what can happen  when a beachside holiday descends into danger and emotional chaos. She creates really believable characters and the story is engrossing as it chases to its shocking conclusion.’

Just Two Weeks will be published in September

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Another novel?

Image After I’d spent two years (well actually it was more than that) sweating, tearing my hair out, despairing, I decided that was it. No more. I’d spend the time doing other things. Have some fun! But no, A plan began to form in my brain. Another idea. The bug has returned. Or maybe it never went. Perhaps it was just fooling me and lying dormant. So the hard work starts again….



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Here’s another review of my novel The Eloquence of Desire

For the Love of Books, a look at what's new and exciting in the world of reading

George is obsessed with the woman he has been having an affair with, but when her father, who is also George’s boss, gets wind of the situation he sends George and his wife off to do company business in Malaya. The couple opt to send their daughter Susan to boarding school. George’s wife, Dorothy is a woman of her time, the 1950’s required that a woman kept her mouth shut, even when she knew her husband was being unfaithful. As time passes, Dorothy begins to slip into her own world and George, thought still obsessing over Emily, moves on to a new lover. Susan, meanwhile, is having problems of her own, she begins to hurt herself out of fear and frustration about her parents unhappy marriage.

While the characters in this book were a little too self obsessed to generate real sympathy, I believe that that may have been the…

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Short story selected for inclusion in an antholology

Good news!
I’ve just heard that my short story, ‘A Mother’s Love’ has been seleceted for inclusion in an anthology, DARK BARD, published by Indigo Mosaic. A story set around a mother’s journey to visit her son in prison

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Bank holiday – what holiday?

No holiday for me. I’ve been chained to my pc all day and writing, writing writing. Not for me queues of traffic on the M25. Not for me walking along Brighton sea front in the rain, nor shopping in packed to the gills streets. Oh no, for me it’s a writing day and I’ll party some other time when the block sets in.

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Exercise and writing

Spending hours on end at a computer is not so good for keeping fit. I just spent a session at the gymn and am feeling good about that but getting words out of my brain is still as hard and the sun doesn’t help!

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Getting closer to finishing my novel

So I’ve now reached chapter 20 of my second (or is third/fourth) draft of my novel  28 Chapters in all. The trick is to keep the pace going while working on the language and plot….

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