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News about my published novel

It seems that my publishers have been busy selling foriegn rights for my novel, The Eloquence of Desire.  Good work for an independant publshers without the clout of the established biggies, never mind the recent giants.

My book is with agents that represent China, Tawain and Korea, Malayasia, France. And a publisher in Hungary  has shown interest.  It’s already been translated into Turkish and sold there with a different title.

I take my hat off to them. They know how to do business!


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Bank holiday – what holiday?

No holiday for me. I’ve been chained to my pc all day and writing, writing writing. Not for me queues of traffic on the M25. Not for me walking along Brighton sea front in the rain, nor shopping in packed to the gills streets. Oh no, for me it’s a writing day and I’ll party some other time when the block sets in.

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