The Imitation Game Review

I saw The Imitation Game last week and was totally absorbed. It is quite shocking when you realise that Turin was only pardoned for his homosexuality in 2003 by the Queen, yet he saved us from starvation and the Nazis. The film is BASED on the true story and it says this pretty plainly at the start. I think the little additions that are made to the biography are acceptable enough to make a brilliant film that left me pondering about the justice system of Britain and lots of ‘what if’ questions. Go and watch it.

Flicks and Pieces

The Imitation Game is a beautiful film, beautifully acted. Director Morten Tyldum’s first English-language film is a tour de force of acting prowess, wrapped in a powerful story. It’s Oscar bait for sure, but deservedly so.

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Here’s another wonderful review of ‘Just Two Weeks’.

JUST TWO WEEKS v7 FINAL FINAL Cover front onlychampagne

One of the best psychological  thrillers she’s read, the reviewer said. Praise indeed! Read it here.

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Interview With Author Amanda Sington-Williams (Just Two Weeks, Psychological Thriller)

Interview about my new psychological thriller Just Two Weeks

Fantastic Indie Authors

JUST TWO WEEKS v7 FINAL FINAL Cover front only

Amanda Williams

In your own words, please describe your book.

Just Two Weeks is about a revenge stalker that the protagonist meets quite unexpectantly on holiday and the terrible consequences that this seemingly innocent encounter brings.

What genre/genres does your book fall under? It is a suspense/psychological thriller.

Is this book part of a series? No

What was the inspiration behind your book? A holiday in Sri Lanka where Part 1 of the book is set.

What led you into writing? Was it a lifelong ambition, or the result of some type of turning point in your life? I’ve always written poetry and short stories but when I had to give up work due to an injury, I went back to university and studied for a MA in Creative Writing. Then the bug took hold.

So far, what has been the greatest moment in your writing career? There have been two: An…

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Review of ‘The Goldfinch’ by Donna Tartt

I like this review and agree with it, so I have re-blogged it to my blog.



The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt is a wildly popular Pulitzer Prize winning book, it has been read by millions but it seems to divide opinion. People complain about it’s 864 page length and sometimes unnecessary winding descriptions. Others have issues with the plot itself and the philosophical notions which become more apparent as the book develops. In stark contrast to these views, I loved this book. It was one of the few books I have read recently where time disappeared, where I was completely engrossed in the life of Theodore Decker. It is a book with an explosive start(no pun intended) and slowly drifts along, describing different periods in Theo’s troubled life. I think this book is very much a Dickensian style novel where one could draw comparisons between Pip in Dickens Great Expectations and Theo in this book, both the unwanted boys who must fight every inch to survive…

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Interview with Sarah Gorrell on Radio Sussex

Book Cover

Book Cover

On 17h October the day after my book launch I had an interview with Sarah Gorrell on Radio Sussex/Surrey Drivetime about my novel ‘Just Two Weeks’. It’s been a month but I’ve only just found out how to put the interview on Sound Cloud! Sarah Gorrell is a great interviewer and she really put me at my ease. Click on Drivetime  to hear the interview!

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Mr Turner

From Mr Turner

From Mr Turner

I haven’t talked about a film before. And maybe this will be the first and last time. Who knows? But I saw this film last week and I thought it was brilliant. Quite unusually, we couldn’t go on the day we’d wanted, because it was fully booked out. And when we went to the cinema. every seat was taken. Now I know there’s been a lot of hype about this film and  to be honest, that usually puts me off.  But this was different. I was absorbed from the start, the three hours passed in no time. I read somewhere that the film took two years to research. I would say the money was very well spent. But some of my friends disagreed. One said they found the constant submission of Mr Turner’s maid irritating, a figure of fun. But wasn’t she in love with Mr Turner, if not obsessed? Yes, he took advantage of her, but quite probably this was normal behaviour during those times. After all it is only relatively recently that domestic violence has become a crime and not that long ago men were permitted to beat their wives ‘to within an inch of their lives’. Another friend said they disliked the fact that Mr Turner was portrayed as not a nice man after all. But he was portrayed as flawed, a three dimensional character obsessed with his art. I think this film deserves every award it gets.

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Me at my book launch plus another 5* review!

I got this review of my novel from Jack Magnus of Reader’s Favourite. I thought I’d also post a photo of me reading at my book launch!

‘Amanda Sington-Williams’ psychological thriller, Just Two Weeks, is suspenseful and exciting. Jo’s idyllic two weeks in paradise becomes a disorienting and terrifying ordeal. Sington-Williams swiftly immerses the reader in her protagonist’s place, alone with no money in a strange culture, and haunted by a woman whom she supposedly knows. Even after Jo gets back home, everything is strange and altered. Raquel is actively stalking her, and Mark seems strangely complicit. Just Two Weeks feels a lot like a Hitchcock thriller — it keeps the tension up and the reader can’t help but keep on reading and experiencing Jo’s fear first-hand. I had a grand time reading this book. Sington-Williams is a marvelous writer, and her plot is tight, fast-paced and compelling. Just Two Weeks is very highly recommended’.

Amanda reading jpgJUST TWO WEEKS v7 FINAL FINAL Cover front only

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